Sentosa Island

We spent our next full day in Singapore visiting Sentosa Island. Sentosa is a resort island on the tip of Singapore. You can reach it by bus, taxi, car, or even walking. But the most popular way is to take the cable car. While certainly not the cheapest option, it is a fun experience worth doing at least once. We really enjoyed it!






There are SO many great family-friendly things to do at Sentosa. There is a Universal Studios, a waterpark, butterfly and insect gardens, beaches, etc. But we knew we’d probably only be able to do one thing and chose the S.E.A Aquarium, which claims to be the largest in the world. I love aquariums and find marine life really fascinating. Also, it was an indoor activity so that made it kind of a no-brainer.

Once the cable car arrives on the island you have the option of buying a ticket to ride a separate cable line around the island. However, we decided to save a buck and walk. It was hot, but thankfully, not a really long walk and we got to see more of the island.


Our first stop was to take pictures with the fake tigers. Exciting stuff.


There were TONS of restaurants and a plaza type area. They even had a Chili’s.


Obligatory family picture. Sentosa has it’s own merlion statue and the thing is huge.


Entrance to the aquarium!


Jake and the Neverland Pirates is one of Halle’s favorite shows so she wanted to take a picture with this ship (because I guess it reminded her of Jake’s ship). It’s funny because she’s learned to make the peace sign for photos now. That is a really popular thing to do in Asia.


The first things we saw was the massive shark tank!






Just like at the zoo, I wasn’t able to devote much time to reading the signs thanks to corralling my children. So I really have no idea how many sharks they had in the tank or what kinds there were. BUT, this one is obviously a hammerhead shark. So cool!


I think this one might be a nurse shark, but not sure. Halle’s face cracks me up though. Even though it’s a bit dark, I love this picture.


Lacey was fascinated!


Tropical fish tank.



I do remember the fish above are lionfish. They are native to the South Pacific-Indo waters, but there are variations of the species in the Caribbean and Atlantic too. They have venomous fins!


This isn’t a great picture, but that’s an octopus in the corner! Have you ever considered what a unique creature an octopus is? Sometimes I think of a lot of marine life in cartoon ways because of the shows I watch with my kids. So it’s really crazy to see the real deal. Can you see the starfish as well?


Giant crab!



My personal favorite, the dolphins.


And eels. Fantastic and bit creepy watching them slither around.


You can’t really see, but Halle got to touch a starfish. Her comment. It doesn’t have eyes or ears, Mommy. I googled it later and apparently they sort of do have eyes, one on the end of each arm. Who knew?




Halle loved the “jellies.”


The stingray tank. Another favorite of mine!





This bad boy is a manta ray. Manta rays are huge, they can weigh over 2,000 lbs! Not many aquariums are big enough to keep them (though I think the Georgia aquarium may have one). They are highly endangered and tend to mostly be in tropical waters. However, I saw on wikipedia that they sometimes venture out from the tropics and that the farthest one has been detected from the equator was actually in North Carolina of all places! So for all you fellow Raleigh-ites heading the shore this summer–be on the lookout!




It was a fun visit. They didn’t seem to mind if kids touched the glass either so my kids enjoyed getting up close and personal with the tanks. We all had a great time!



Afterwards, we rode the cable car back to the mainland and took the MRT back to our hotel. We went out for hamburgers and called it a day!



The next day we actually returned to Jakarta, but our flight wasn’t until 5 PM so we had some time during the day. We decided to go to the giant waterpark at Gardens by the Bay (we went there during our previous trip to Singapore). It’s fun, and best of all, it’s free!


We had to ride a tram (for a small fee) to get the area of the gardens we wanted to go to.



There was a small playground the girls played on while Jared went and got our lunch. Can’t you tell that Lacey is having the best time.








Halle, of course, loved it. Jared decided to take Lacey to walk through the Flower Dome. My mom and I went there last time when she came with us. It is basically a conservatory with the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. I asked Jared to take pictures and this is what I got.


Lacey was disgusted by the tulip display. She really does look miserable in all these pictures, but I think she did have fun. We asked her the next morning at breakfast if she liked Singapore and she smiled and shook her head no. Ha!

Our kids did great on the flight home. We arrived in Jakarta a little after dark where Pak Agus was waiting to pick us up. I got a little emotional thinking this will be my last time flying into Indonesia. There were people everywhere, the call to prayer loudly playing over speakers, lots of chaos in the parking lot. Singapore is flashy and nice and fun and clean, but I’ll take Jakarta any day.

I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day weekend. I know I did. Hopefully, I’ll get a few more blog posts up before we leave.

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