My name is Julie. I’m married to Jared and we have two daughters, Halle and Lacey. We are currently living in Indonesia for my husband’s job. In the US I work part-time as an RN, but am spending my days here with the kiddos. Jared works for an international development company and I’m not entirely sure what all he does…haha. We are Christians and do our best to live out our faith. We love our friends and our church.

Lesser things we love…international travel and food, books, coffee, the mountains and running (ok, the last one is a lie). Jared is also a big fan of french fries, but I prefer chocolate. Halle’s favorite foods are blueberries, broccoli, and cookies. Lacey likes chewing on just about anything

We are that family that always forgets to take pictures, but that’s gotten better since Halle was born so feel free to check here often for updates about life abroad and two very cute little girls (and maybe the occasional photo of us).


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